Memories of Huachuca’s Eastern Canyons

Rivoli's Hummingbird - Eugenes fulgensRamsey Canyon, Carr Canyon and Miller Canyon all descend from the eastern flanks of the Huachuca Mountains. For bird lovers, each of these places offers a wealth of opportunities for meeting unusual or even rare birds. Many of the birds stay for the warmer months, only to raise the next generation, but some remain year-round. Still, other birds might just be passing through on their annual migrations.

Ramsey Canyon is the northernmost of these canyons and nearest to the town center of Sierra Vista. The Nature Conservancy owns and operates this canyon during “banker’s hours” five days a week. It is surrounded by steep cliffs, nestled deep within the bosom of its sky island home. Ramsey Canyon is arguably the most famous of all locations around the Huachuca Mountains. Given the limited timeframe to access the grounds, it’s unlikely you will have the place to yourself, and if that doesn’t concern you, the trails up the canyon will delight.

Carr Canyon is a little further south from Ramsey Canyon. I’ve visited here but once, but I’ve been meaning to return one day. My explorations didn’t give me much in the way of bird encounters, but in August of 1999 I enjoyed the great vistas from the higher ridges where the road carried me.

Miller Canyon is an amazing location, and one of the best places on the planet to meet hummingbirds. I find it regrettable that the primary “host” at the guest ranch atop the road is such an unpleasant grump when he chooses to be so. The wealth of bird life here makes this an attractive birding destination anyway.

Still further south is Ash Canyon. I’ve heard lovely things about this destination, but I’ve never visited there. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this possible destination.

In the gallery below are contained some of the images and memories from my past visits to these canyons.

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