Memories of Mission Trails Regional Park

Grasshopper Sparrow - Ammodramus savannarumI’ve only visited Mission Trails Regional Park a few times, but enjoyed each one of my stays. My introduction was in the spring of 2009, when the San Diego Natural History Museum organized a BioBlitz at the park. It was only the second time the museum put a BioBlitz together. In 2008, the first BioBlitz was at Balboa Park. My birding partner for these events was Phil Unitt; pretty good company I have to say. The day ended with me exhausted from hoisting my heavy camera gear and trying to keep up with Phil, and word filtering to the team about a Snow Bunting at Robb Field, which was the 500th documented species for the county. I was too pooped to take the run to Robb Field with the rest of the team that day, but I managed a visit a couple of days later.

The park encompasses 7,220 acres and provides a variety of habitats within its boundaries. Coastal sage-chaparral, open grassland, and riparian woods dominate most of the park. The San Diego River drains the valley and hard-rock geology forces the water to the surface, providing streams and pools to quench the thirsts of wildlife.

The images below are all from the May 2009 BioBlitz.

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