Memories of Ramona Grasslands

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher - Polioptila caerulea

There is a broad grassy valley running west from the Ramona Airport through Highland Valley. The County of San Diego has seen fit to make a preserve of the land to protect threatened species such as Burrowing Owls and the Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat. Much of the preserve is out-of-bounds for public access. But near the western limits of the preserve, a section has been set aside with a parking area and trails that meander through some of the grasslands and the neighboring chaparral habitat.

Folks come to the preserve for a number of reasons. Many trailer horses in to enjoy the trails and the company of like-minded friends. Some people enjoy hiking or biking these same trails. Some come alone and some bring their families. Others, like myself come to immerse ourselves in nature and enjoy the peace and serenity that is so hard to find in an over-civilized world.

In the gallery below are fond memories of the times I’ve spent here.

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