Memories of Robb Field

Little Blue Heron - Egretta caeruleaIn Ocean Beach, the community sports park known as Robb Field is nearly synonymous with the San Diego River Mouth. It’s not the grass ball fields that draw birders to this location. It’s the adjacent San Diego River channel with it’s shallow water areas and wide mud flats that deliver satisfying avian encounters. Here, large numbers of foraging shorebirds may gather along side waders, terns and gulls. There are trails or walkways on the north and south sides of the river channel. For obvious sunlight reasons, the south side of the channel is preferable, and this is where Robb Field is situated, thus well suited for bird viewing.

My favorite visits here have been when I sat quietly for hours on the rip-rap channel walls, making myself as small and unobtrusive as I could, and waited while the foraging birds worked their way close to my position. This strategy has worked for me often. Some might say this is an exercise in patience. I submit it is all about enjoying the place where you are. That’s why I say:

I do not chase birds as much as I chase places.
I can enjoy the birds I meet, if I enjoy the place I meet them.

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