Memories of the Saltworks

Elegant Tern - Thalasseus elegans
This image was used as the back cover page for the San Diego County Bird Atlas.

I almost hesitate to include the Saltworks in my “Birding Destinations” series because the best this site has to offer the nature lover is not within the public view. While there are a few places where perimeter views are possible, the real magic is beyond the view of the general public. To ignore mention of this important location would be a disservice to anyone interested in bird-life in the San Diego area.

I’ve been privileged to accompany biologists through the reserve during their surveys of nesting terns. Without question, these tours have been some of my best memories of bird encounters in San Diego. So with apologies to all for sharing a “destination” outside of easy access, below are some samples of what goes on in the nesting sites. But take heart, when these birds disburse, there are ample opportunities to meet them in the surrounding areas.

I’ve written in the past many times of my visits to this place. Some of those stories can be read by following these links:

The large gallery below shows a few of the meeting I’ve enjoyed from this location.

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