2015-08-19 Saltworks and Shorebirds

Turn nesting is winding down now at the Saltworks, but the Snowy Plovers still have a few chicks, so there are sections in the southeast part of the reserve where care needed exercising to avoid harming the little fuzzballs. I petitioned to spend my time on the western perimeter, where the lighting is better than … Read more

Spotted Towhee

Formerly called the “Rufous-sided Towhee”, the Spotted Towhee and the were split into their own distinct species in 1995. Here in the Western USA our companion bird is the Spotted Towhee. It is perhaps the most handsome resident bird in my neighborhood. When viewed from on close, it’s rich ruby eyes contrast with the midnight black … Read more

Vermilion Flycatcher

The Eastern Kingbird with its tuxedo attire is not unique in the flycatcher clan as a sharp dresser. The Vermilion Flycatcher holds its own when it comes to show business. The brilliance of the male’s blazing reddish-orange breast and crown, contrasted with the rich chocolate brown of its back, wings and tail make quite an impression. … Read more

2015-08-13 Santa Rosa Mountain

I’ve worked as a photographer with the San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM) since 2010 on a project called the San Jacinto Resurvey. The goal of this project is to follow an important study done 100 years ago by Joseph Grinnell, Harry Swarth, Walter Taylor, and Charles Richardson on the biology of the lands between the … Read more

Eastern Kingbird

I first met the Eastern Kingbird in Alberta Canada on my 2005 Alaska Trip. I was visiting Saskatoon Lake at the time. There’s usually an extra bit of excitement and fun when meeting a bird (or any creature) for the first time and this was no exception. The bird was atop a tree in a … Read more

Trumpeter Swan

The Trumpeter Swan is the largest bird in North America by body mass. Males can weigh up to 38 pounds, be up to six feet in length (bill to tail) with wings that span 10 feet (according to Wikipedia). My most memorable meetings with this grand bird were first in Alaska and more recently in eastern Oregon. Typically … Read more

Common Merganser

  The Common Merganser is a duck-like fish-eating bird that I’ve had the pleasure to observe and photograph on some of my longest expeditions. I’ve seen the bird when in Klamath Oregon on several occasions, when on My Alaska trip in 2005 and in Yellowstone National Park during my Big 2015 trip. Two episodes stand … Read more

2015-08-05 Saltworks

Having spent way too much time of late at the computer rebuilding my website, it was important that I get out to the field. Since Wednesday was a Saltworks day, I requested permission to join the team for a tour. Unlike last month’s tour, on this day the team consisted of three; Brian, Robert and … Read more

Blue Grosbeak

Introducing a new series Its been on my mind to recently that I could do a better job of bringing attention to some of the birds in my Bird Gallery. What I plan is a series that I will call “Bird For Today”. This is the first posting on this series. Many scientists consider the Blue Grosbeak … Read more

2015-07-08 Saltworks

Its always a pleasure to hang with the science team when they march through the levees at the Saltworks to survey the terns and skimmers nesting there. I’ve been lucky enough to take part in these walks since my time contributing the San Diego County Bird Atlas in 2003. The sensory overload that comes on … Read more