2016-05-02 Monday on the Siskiyou Summit Road

Once again I prepared to drive over the Siskiyou Mountains from the Applegate Valley to Ashland. I hoped to see Calliope Hummingbirds, especially males. Last year when I drove this road in June I found females, but no males. I hoped the boys would still be around today. The Calliope is the smallest bird in the … Read more

2016-04-29 Ken Denman and Touvelle

The Kenneth Denman Wildlife Area and the TouVelle State Recreation Area are near Eagle Point Oregon on the Rogue River north of Medford. While visiting my family here last June, I learned Ken Denman was a lawyer who championed preserving the lands here in the Rogue River Valley. Born in Corvallis Oregon in 1904, he … Read more

2016-04-28 Upper Applegate Valley

The Applegate River has its origins in northern California and drops into its own serene valley past Jacksonville before contributing to the Rogue River a few miles west of Grants Pass. The river was subjected to heavy placer mining from 1850 to 1890 and the salmon fishery was badly disrupted in the upper valley. It’s … Read more

2016-04-24 Lower Klamath Basin

Origins of the Klamath Basin The region bordering Oregon and California is a marshy expanse of shallow lakes. Geologically, the valley is called a ‘graben’. Parallel north-to-south faults act to lift one section (horst) and allow another to depress (graben). Rather than following the depression south, the Klamath River and its tributaries pushed westward, carving … Read more

2016-04-23 Saturday Carson City to Tule Lake

I learned yesterday that the flu that was being passed around in my nephew’s house has abated. I was purposefully progressing at a snail’s pace to give it time to run its course and clear out. Now I’m still four or five days from arrival in Medford. There are places I still want to visit. … Read more

2016-04-22 Friday’s Drive Through The Storm

I awoke at my campsite beside Crowley Lake this morning to a nice sunrise. I showered and ate leftovers from two nights ago and then took a quick spin to the Owen’s River and a hot springs I knew about from past visits. It seems I was too early to find Wilson’s Phalaropes. I’d found … Read more

2016-04-21 Lone Pine and The Alabama Hills

2016-04-21 Thursday I left Dirty Socks Spring for the short drive to Lone Pine. If museums are your thing, you’ll probably like Lone Pine’s Film History Museum. Once you’ve seen the Alabama Hills just west of town, you’ll recognize scenes from more movies and TV westerns than you can imagine. Over 400 films have been shot … Read more

2016-04-20 Dirty Socks Spring

2016-04-20 Wednesday Dirty Socks Spring is well known to the local birding community. At the southern edge of the Owens Lake basin, it used to be a county park with a concrete lined pool adjacent to the natural pond and wetlands. It doesn’t see much use by bathers these days. The water is overgrown with … Read more

Favorite March Moments of 2016

As I prepare to depart on my next road trip, I thought a reflection on some of my favorite photographic moments from my most recent trip might be appropriate. My destination was Albuquerque New Mexico, with stops along the way that included Bullhead City and Arivaca Arizona and Silver City New Mexico. I am fortunate … Read more

The Cienega at Arivaca

2016-03-25 and 26 Friday and Saturday Part of the Buenos Aires NWR, the cienega at Arivaca has been a favorite birding location of mine for more than a dozen years. I first visited this location in August 2003. New to birding and bird photography, I was lucky enough to meet the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo during this visit. The … Read more