Pyrrhuloxia Cutout


Cardinalis sinuatus

Two years ago I embarked on a mission to produce bird images with all or most of the background removed. I called them “Cutouts”. Just about a year ago I finished producing at least a sampling of all the birds in my collection. Some of the produced images worked well, while some were less pleasing. Since that time I’ve been on some wonderful Photo-Safaris and have gathered images of new birds and old friends that were never reviewed as Cutout candidates.

The first bird I’ve introduced to the Cutout collection is the Pyrrhuloxia, a bird I targeted during an Arizona expedition in October 2015. One joy for me in travelling to far-off locals, is the birds that may be common to these areas, are likely to be ‘rare’ for me. The Pyrrhuloxia was such a bird for me. Though in the past, I’d traveled to many of the areas where they live, I’d let them escape my camera. It didn’t bother me at the time, but I later realized I’d missed an opportunity. For my October trip I attempted to concentrate on these so-called ‘common’ birds. The Rufous-Winged Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, Curve-Billed Thrasher, Gila Woodpecker, Arizona Woodpecker, Bridled Titmouse and Yellow-Eyed Junco were on my hit-list and each were successfully captured.

The Pyrrhuloxia Gallery can be viewed <Here>.

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