Revisions, and My Continuing Education

I finished revising the collection of birds in the “Thrush” clan, and earlier this week I completed revisions to the “Thrasher” clan. Both sets are now ready for prime-time viewing <grin>. I’m learning a great deal about my subjects through the research I’ve been doing. I feel as though I’m traveling down familiar roads, but enjoying the trip as a passenger, free from the worry that comes with operating the vehicle. No longer concerned about the potholes, the curves, or the other drivers on the road, I’m at liberty to rubber-neck and enjoy the scenery.

Instead of scenery, there are factoids and bird lifestyles I’ve been able to ruminate on. I’m finding the Range Maps are helping me appreciate the journey my subjects undertake; some are quite arduous and long. Injecting some of my own experiences into the narrative lets me reminisce on those days past when I was in the company of these birds. So, with these thoughts as background, I leave you, the reader to examine the following Thrasher and Thrush collections.