Mission Statement


If I can cause the viewer to appreciate the beauty of nature, perhaps even come to love it as I do, I will have been a success.
If ANY viewer can see a way that my images can be used to help the cause of habitat protection, PLEASE contact me.


The central theme underlying my photography stems from a fascination of the natural world. Nature photography in general has been, and continues to be very seductive to me. Since 1999 I’ve begun to see that bird photographs are the most satisfying to me. Birds can be difficult subjects, but I always enjoy the experience of trying to get their portraits. While birds are my primary subject, do not be surprised to find a bug or flower in the mix. I’ve been known to put on the macro lens and get down to business too. I’ve even enjoyed subjects captured in wide angles.

I subscribe to a Photographer’s Hippocratic Principle of “Do No Harm“. I have seen how other photographers will ‘prune’ a nest site to expose it for a ‘beautiful’ picture. Such an act jeopardizes success of the nest and its inhabitants by exposing the nest to predators. I will make great efforts to avoid such acts.

4 thoughts on “Mission Statement”

  1. Hi Jack,
    What amazing and beautiful photographs!!! And what a great website you’ve created to share these awesome creatures!!!
    Your website was highly recommended to Eric and I by Mary in Rancho Bernardo after telling her we planned to do some birding while visiting our daughter and granddaughter, who also live in the area. We will be staying at her condo from August 8th through the 18th.
    Do you have any suggestions for some good places to find a variety of species this time of year? We’re from Wisconsin and always enjoy seeing birds we seldom, if ever, get to see here in the midwest. We too, share your love of birds as a good reason for going on an outing, and hope to get out most days during our time in the San Diego area.
    We’d be delighted to meet you if at all possible. We are so impressed with your birds and your passion for nature.
    Sandy River and Eric Mosher

    • Very nice comments … thanks! I would love to get a call when you get close to departing or when you are in town. Mary should know my number (if she hasn’t lost it). Her brother-in-law Bill has it if needed. I hesitate to post it here … ? I’m caught up with a couple of projects that have kept me away from bird photography of late. The San Diego Natural History Museum has a Mammal Atlas (San Diego County) project coming to a head and I’m assisting with pictures this month. It’s outside my comfort zone to shoot rats and mice, but that’s what they need from me. I’ll share later what I’ve done so far (Big-Eared Woodrat). I’ve been working with the science team since 2003 and it’s always an education for me.

      Please call when you can. I’ll try to set aside some time to explore.

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