Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


I decided to put the Poway property on the market. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of moving on, and the pro’s list seems longer and stronger. I will ask for a big enough number for the 2.01 acres (both lots), that I should have some financial independence. I’ve considered selling only the 2nd acre and keeping the house, as that would get me mortgage free and let me keep the house.

Sometimes I feel the being at the house is like a trap, laden with pitfalls for my bad habits. I watch too much TV and I find it hard to get productive plans on track. When I’m on the road I feel more engaged with the world around me and the distractions from productivity are fewer. The house is really too big for me on my own. I keep most of my activities to about a third of its total area.

Since 1961 I’ve been connected in some fashion to this property. So what would I miss the most by cutting the strings to my Poway homestead? I enjoy some of the creature comforts such as my solar heated jacuzzi. I‘d miss my workshop where enjoy “MacGyvering” as my friend Scott might say. I‘ve accumulated a lot of “stuff” (as George Carlin would call it). Giving up the homestead would force me to evaluate what should be kept and what should be let go, but perhaps that could be a GOOD thing. I enjoy being a slob sometimes and not having to worry about being pestered about it (but again, giving up bad habits is part of my goal).

I may have to let the universe decide by offering up the property with both options open and seeing what offers get the most interest. I will then have to learn to accept the consequences and let my future fall before me.

We shall see.