2017-09-10 Mail Boat Ride Past Agnus (Plus Pistol River)

I parked Saturday night in a space along the main road going south out of Gold Beach. All day I’d been parked along the South Jetty, but it was questionable if I would get rousted in the night and asked to move. There were no signs at the place I’d been staying, but at the … Read more

2016-05-04 Wednesday,Turning to Home

My nephew Chris and I drove out to Butte Falls and wandered the woods in search of Blue Grouse yesterday. We came up short for birds but the country and the company was first rate. Chris was quite surprised that we saw no grouse. In past years on his hunting and camping excursions he found … Read more

American Dipper

Also known as a Water Ouzel, the American Dipper forages under water in fast moving streams and rivers. Though capable of airborne flight, these birds are not known to migrate and can be found in western North America from Alaska to Central America. I’ve seen but one nest of this bird, but from what I’ve … Read more

2015-05-13 Drive to Pinedale

It was a long drive out of Brigham City Utah to Pinedale Wyoming on this day. My first stop was precipitated by an ad hoc decision to investigate while climbing out of Logan Utah along the Logan River. This stream  is a fairly fast-moving river with steep rocky cliffs on both sides that made me think … Read more