Working Behind The Scenes

Since returning home from my second expedition to Texas this spring, I’ve occupied my time with improvements to my RV. The time I spent on the road these past months revealed some aspects of my rolling infrastructure that needed improvement. I began with the rooftop, by adding four 100 watt solar panels to the three … Read more

2020-11-02 Recent Updates

Considering we are into November here in Idaho, the weather has been mild. Days have been mostly in the sixties, while nights have been in the twenties and thirties. I’ve not had my camera out since I got here, as I’ve been enjoying the company of my good friends here. I’ve been continuing to update … Read more

2018-06-16 Busted Web Pages

The notes about my previous bad experiences don’t apply anymore. As if July 2019, I’m finally seeing the materialization of my vision. It has been a challenge to find a web platform that will let me display my images in a way I feel is meaningful. By that I mean the images are accompanied by … Read more