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Memories of The Bitterroot Valley

In May of 2015 I was visiting an old chum who’d settled outside of Stevensville Montana in the Bitterroot Valley. While I stayed here, I met two bird species for the first time. The first was a Pileated Woodpecker and later, a Bobolink. When I completed my expedition through the Intermountain West and returned to … Read more

Memories of Lee Metcalf NWR

Of all western states, Montana is perhaps the one I’ve least explored while looking for birds. This although I lived here briefly in the winter of 1969-1970, and for nearly three more years in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Birding was not part of my consciousness in those days. The seeds of my passion … Read more

2015-06-18 So Endeth The Journey

April 27, 2015 I departed my home in Poway for an expedition through eight western states, California to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. The journey lasted 53 days and traversed over 5300 miles and concluded on June 18. Though I met about 160 bird species, these are … Read more