Memories of Boca Chica Beach

Perhaps one of the most overlooked birding “hot-spots” in South Texas is the mouth of the Rio Grande at Boca Chica Beach. There is no infrastructure or visitor center located there. Perhaps because of this, and its primitive nature, it doesn’t appear in very many travel guides, like members of World Birding Centers and other … Read more

2021-03-27 Palmito Hill & Boca Chica Beach

Just 10 miles inland from Boca Chica Beach is Palmito Hill, another of my favorite birding locations. On my way to the beach, I stopped to scout the birding opportunities. It yielded a White-Tailed Hawk. I found a pair of them there in January, and it seems they were still in the area. Later, the mouth of the Rio Grande provided some excitement of its own.

2021-01-30 Boca Chica Beach

I wanted to ride my bike on Boca Chica Beach all week, but operations at the Space-X Launch Complex mandated a closure of the road to the beach. Finally, on Saturday, the road opened, and I drove out to meet the birds that haunt the gulf shores. Most folks visiting Boca Chica head north to … Read more