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2020-05-28 Cattle Call Brawley

After leaving Arivaca Wednesday morning I drove a rural route through Ajo and Gila Bend to Yuma where I spent the night. Thursday morning after having breakfast I launched the last leg of my return from my 2020 Texas Expedition. I crossed the Colorado River and was back on California soil, and already missing the … Read more

Memories of Cattle Call Park

Cattle Call Park is located on the western edge of Brawley California in the Imperial Valley, close to the Salton Sea. The park takes its name from the rodeo event held here in November. This event draws as many as 200,000 fans, but most of the time it is a relatively quiet place next to … Read more

2014-11-30 Cattle Call Park

Cattle Call Park in Brawley California is rodeo arena at the western edge of town. Unusual birds will occasionally make an appearance here. My only meeting with a Gray Flycatcher was at this location. What makes this place ‘birdy’ is its proximity to the New River, a ditch of muddy water draining out of Mexicali … Read more