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Memories of June Lake

The Eastern Sierra District, as some call it, is a wondrous region. It stretches over 150 miles from Bridgeport to a few miles south of Lone pine. I see it as comprising two sections; one is low and the other high. The lower elevation section is between Lone Pine and Bishop, where elevations vary between … Read more

2016-04-21 Lone Pine and The Alabama Hills

I left Dirty Socks Spring for the short drive to Lone Pine. If museums are your thing, you’ll probably like Lone Pine’s Film History Museum. Once you’ve seen the Alabama Hills just west of town, you’ll recognize scenes from more movies and TV westerns than you can imagine. Over 400 films have been shot here. … Read more

Endangered Greater Sage Grouse

The Greater Sage Grouse can be found surviving in open sage country, from the Great Basin and into the Rocky Mountain states. During breeding season, sage cocks, as the male birds are sometimes called, gather in grassy areas to posture and pose, hoping to attract mates. The sage cock is much smaller than a turkey, … Read more