Bird Gallery Update: Now Completed

Before my recent surgery on Oct-25, I’d completed the revisions for the descriptions on all but one group of birds in my collection. That group was the Pelagic set. For the first few weeks after my eight-day hospital stay, I could not focus clearly on tasks such as research and writing, so the project stagnated. … Read more

2017-02-20 Hiking Isla Clarión

I spent the day hiking on Clarión Island’s southern flanks. Most of the rest of the passengers on the voyage visited these locations on the previous afternoon while I stayed aboard to rest and recuperate. I walked east from our landing, past the rocky shore where shorebirds were much too shy for my camera to … Read more

2017-02-18~19 Isla Clarion By Sea

Before we said goodbye to Isla Socorro, we drove the boat north along the island’s eastern flank, and visited a different beach, called Playa Blanca, a little south from where we visited yesterday. The winds had picked up this day and promised to provide some of the roughest seas of the trips so far. We anchored off … Read more

2017-02-14 Isla San Benedicto

Our company would meet Isla San Benedicto this morning. The object of our journey, the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo was finally at hand. On August 1, 1952 at 8:30 AM, the volcano that built this island erupted and extinguished all life present. There were several more eruptions that lasted until March of the following year. By … Read more

2017-02-10 Seafaring South

On the second day of our voyage the overcast and fog that met us at the start of our journey continued, making conditions for capturing images a challenge. For those friends reading these accounts I implore; please be patient. As the trip develops, the images will improve. As the day progressed, the fog lifted, and … Read more