2017-05-05 Best of Arizona

I spent from 2017-04-22 through 2017-05-04 touring some great bird locations in Arizona. The places I was able to visit during this time were Agua Caliente Park, Sabino Canyon, Mount Lemmon, Florida Canyon, Madera Canyon and  two places in Arivaca (Day 1 and Day 2). I do not feel I got everything I could from any … Read more

2017-05-01 Two Days On The Slopes Of The Santa Rita Mountains

With instructions to find Florida Canyon, I headed south from Tucson to explore new places. I’ve visited nearby Madera Canyon twice before, but I’d been hearing about Florida Canyon for years and thought it was about time I got acquainted with the place. I was told I might find a couple of new birds there; … Read more

Arizona Woodpecker Cutout

The Arizona Woodpecker was formerly called the Strickland’s Woodpecker and the Brown-Backed Woodpecker. The primary range for this bird is the mountains of Western Mexico, but it is often found in the Sky Islands of Arizona. These birds prefer pine-oak woodlands. This was one bird I had on my radar when I left on my … Read more

The Bridled Titmouse Cutout

The Bridled Titmouse is a sharp dresser. Certainly he carries a more decorative attire than any of his cousins. Like its cousins the Oak and the Juniper Titmouse, this bird is attracted to oak and juniper woodlands or sometimes riparian areas. The Bridled Titmouse is often found in communal groups. It is not uncommon for the communal … Read more

Cassin’s Sparrows

2016-03-25 Friday, On The Road To Arivaca On my drive from New Mexico toward Arivaca Arizona, I made it a mission to find Cassin’s Sparrows. Having stumbled onto them last fall while hunting Golden-Winged Sparrows, my chances should be above average. Without scenic detours, the roads before me covered 220 miles, much of it dominated by … Read more

2015-10-27 Madera Canyon

Leaving Tubac Arizona I wanted to visit Madera Canyon. That required a night in Green Valley at an overpriced motel. Hindsight tells me I should have traveled north 26 miles and stayed in a low priced lodge, but I didn’t do that. I stayed at the Best Western for $110 (with tax). The room and … Read more