Scenes From The Past

I was going through old images today, clearing out duplicates and just general digital house cleaning. I found a set of older files I had assembled and called “Scenic-Set”. I thought they were interesting in retrospect. This isn’t what I shoot today (i.e. not birds), but I thought they were fun and worth sharing. My … Read more

Favorite March Moments of 2016

As I prepare to depart on my next road trip, I thought a reflection on some of my favorite photographic moments from my most recent trip might be appropriate. My destination was Albuquerque New Mexico, with stops along the way that included Bullhead City and Arivaca Arizona and Silver City New Mexico. I am fortunate … Read more

Cassin’s Sparrow in Arizona

2016-03-25 Friday, On The Road To Arivaca On my drive from New Mexico toward Arivaca Arizona, I made it a mission to find Cassin’s Sparrows. Having stumbled onto them last fall while hunting Golden-Winged Sparrows, my chances should be above average. Without scenic detours, the roads before me covered 220 miles, much of it dominated by … Read more