2022-04-10 The Road To Mount Olympus

On April 9th, my Saturday drive began at my US-101 roadside camp by the Palix River in Washington, 12 miles south of South Bend. By day’s end, I found myself all the way to the north at Bogachiel State Park, a little over 140 miles north on the Olympic Peninsula, and five and a half … Read more

2022-04-02 Reedsport to Waldport

Friday night, after driving from Reedsport, I parked south of Waldport at a roadside pullout. I visited several places along the way, including the jetties at the Umpqua River Mouth. South jetties have become a favored destination for me here in Oregon. I’ve been finding interesting subjects while visiting these locations. Sometimes they feature seagoing … Read more

2022-03-24 Crescent City to Pistol River

My morning in Crescent City started off slow but well enough. I got a few more pictures of the horned grebe like I wanted. Then I drove up the coast and stopped at a few places to enjoy the ambiance and the birds. Driving north out of California, the first river-crossing in Oregon is the … Read more

2022-03-11 Eureka to the Klamath River Mouth

Departing from Eureka, I headed north on US-101. On my way, I stopped to investigate a location I found on my maps just eight miles north, called the Arcada Bird Sanctuary. I found the sanctuary a lovely place to visit. It is yet another example of a community getting together to convert a wastewater facility … Read more