2017-08-29 On The Road To Malheur NWR

  I left Payette Idaho after staying with dear friends for 11 days, driving south to Jordan Valley, then northeast through Burns Junction. The road down the east side of Steens Mountain is a route I’ve wanted to explore for a few years. This was to be the day I’d,I’d scratch that itch. Sixty-three miles … Read more

Eastern Kingbird

I first met the Eastern Kingbird in Alberta Canada on my 2005 Alaska Trip. I was visiting Saskatoon Lake at the time. There’s usually an extra bit of excitement and fun when meeting a bird (or any creature) for the first time and this was no exception. The bird was atop a tree in a … Read more

2015-06-18 So Endeth The Journey

April 27, 2015 I departed my home in Poway for an expedition through eight western states, California to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. The journey lasted 53 days and traversed over 5300 miles and concluded on June 18. Though I met about 160 bird species, these are … Read more

2015-05-31 Bird Island Reserve

Payette Idaho’s Birding Island is a 650 acre reserve that is part the just north of New Plymouth, which is not very far from Payette Idaho which is across the Snake River from Ontario Oregon. The area includes almost 3 miles  along the Payette River and occupies about 1200 acres including the Birding Island section. … Read more