2012-08 August Yardbirds

I took a lot of images of Lesser Goldfinches the month of August 2012. I used them as subjects to experiment with different photo techniques. These birds are my most numerous avian guests, so why not exploit the resource? At the time I was still feeding seeds to my bird neighbors, but I’d scaled back … Read more

2012-04 April Stuff In My Poway Yard

I took my camera into my yard several times over the course of the month of April 2012. Spring can bring me some extraordinary birds, though I don’t always have my camera ready when they make their appearance. I made a point to put in the effort and left my camera setup on my tripod … Read more

2018-04 A Few Moments With Yardbirds

It’s been six months since I’ve been actively posting here. Below I explain some reasons for my absence. In the months since I’ve given any time for myself to take pictures, I’ve passed on a couple of opportunities to accompany the museum team into the field, as I need to focus on my plan to … Read more