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2018-12-22 Christmas Bird Count

One day a year I enjoy the mere act of counting birds. It’s not for ego. It’s not done to call attention to myself. It’s not for an ‘I got more than you’ motivation. It is the Christmas Bird Count, a citizen science endeavor, where the birding community pulls together to survey the birds present … Read more

2012-04 April Stuff In My Poway Yard

I took my camera into my yard several times over the course of the month of April 2012. Spring can bring me some extraordinary birds, though I don’t always have my camera ready when they make their appearance. I made a point to put in the effort and left my camera setup on my tripod … Read more

2012-03-24 Poway Downy Woodpecker

My experience in my Poway yard with the woodpecker clan has provided me regular meetings with Nuttall’s and Acorn Woodpeckers, and sometimes the often shy Northern Flicker. Downy Woodpeckers are probably in my neighborhood more often than I see them, as there is a dense riparian corridor a stone’s throw from the hillside property I … Read more