2022-09-20 Tuesday at Quinta Mazatlán

I spent most of Tuesday suffering for my art, under the heat and humidity that hung like a blanket over the 20 acre bird sanctuary in McAllen Texas, called Quinta Mazatlán. This property was once a 1930s estate for the wealthy, but when it came up for sale by auction in 1998, concerned citizens convinced … Read more

Memories of Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center

Built around a 1930s 10,000 square foot mansion, Quinta Mazatlan is an urban oasis, with trails weaving through 15 acres of birding habitat in the middle of the city of McAllen Texas. It is part of a complex of nine separate birding destinations called the World Birding Center. The other eight sites are Bentsen-Rio Grande … Read more

2021-02-23 First Time At Quinta Mazatlan

Quinta Mazatlan is a 20 acre nature reserve owned and operated by the City of McAllen (Texas). Theirs is a story about a tiny victory in the war on the environment, and the rescue of an estate that was under threat of demolition and obliteration by developers. The city fathers heeded the out-cry of concerned … Read more