Red-Breasted Sapsucker

Sapsuckers are woodpeckers that cause great wounds on trees as they excavate rows and rows of small holes in tree bark where they feed on the sap that weeps into the holes. In North America there are four species of sapsuckers: Williamson’s, Red-Breasted, Red-Naped, and Yellow-Bellied. In 2005 I met Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers while travelling through … Read more

Black-Throated Gray Warbler

The Black-Throated Gray Warbler breeds in western North America. Its range extends from southwestern British Columbia along the Pacific coast, and east to New Mexico and southern Montana. Most of these birds spent their winters in Mexico. This handsome black and white bird is attired with a white breast, striped with black on its flanks … Read more

2015-08-13 Santa Rosa Mountain

I’ve worked as a photographer with the San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM) since 2010 on a project called the San Jacinto Resurvey. The goal of this project is to follow an important study done 100 years ago by Joseph Grinnell, Harry Swarth, Walter Taylor, and Charles Richardson on the biology of the lands between the … Read more