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2021-03-30 SPI Convention Centre

In the coming weeks, I intend to spend as much of my time on South Padre Island as I can. Spring migrant birds could begin trickling into Texas any time. I like my chances of meeting these migrating birds at South Padre Island (SPI), and the more often I can visit, the more my chances … Read more

2021-01-19 A Day on South Padre Island

A visit to the Lower Rio Grande Valley without spending time on South Padre Island would be silly. Tuesday I paid the island my respects. It came as no surprise the variety of birds in winter did not compare to a spring visit. Still, there was enough variety to keep me busy most of the … Read more

Memories of South Padre Island

Of all my experiences in south Texas, no other destination produced as many great birding memories as did South Padre Island. There are three locations on the island that should not be neglected. Just one mile north from the Queen Isabella Causeway is a humble sanctuary informally called “Sheepshead”, so named for the little street … Read more