2022-04-13,14,15 Puget Sound Island Hopping

My friend Teresa volunteered to take me island hopping in the Puget Sound, and I happily accepted the offer. According to my research, there are 20 sizable islands in the sound, but counting the smaller islands, some resources say there are 170 of them. The weather was kind to us on our tours. Wednesday we … Read more

2022-04-03 Yaquina South Jetty

I arrived Saturday in Newport, and spent most of the day catching up with my blogging tasks, but after spending the night north of town, I wanted to see what birding treasures I might find in the area. In keeping with my “south-jetty fetish”, I drove to the South Yaquina Bay Jetty on the southern … Read more

2022-04-02 Reedsport to Waldport

Friday night, after driving from Reedsport, I parked south of Waldport at a roadside pullout. I visited several places along the way, including the jetties at the Umpqua River Mouth. South jetties have become a favored destination for me here in Oregon. I’ve been finding interesting subjects while visiting these locations. Sometimes they feature seagoing … Read more

2022-03-31 Thursday In Coos Bay

The “Check Engine” light on the RV came on yesterday, so I needed to look into it. There is a Dodge dealer in Coos Bay, but I stopped at a nearby Autozone after breakfast to get them to read the code so I could decide about how to proceed. The result was “low battery voltage”. … Read more

2022-03-11 Eureka to the Klamath River Mouth

Departing from Eureka, I headed north on US-101. On my way, I stopped to investigate a location I found on my maps just eight miles north, called the Arcada Bird Sanctuary. I found the sanctuary a lovely place to visit. It is yet another example of a community getting together to convert a wastewater facility … Read more

2022-03-06 A Few Hours At Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is only 34 miles from my Point Reyes Camp near Point Reyes. Years ago I stopped at The Tides Restaurant and enjoyed their good food and a ring-side seat watching birds and wildlife a couple dozen feet below on the harbor’s waters. I found more of the same on this visit. After breakfast … Read more

2022-02-28 Monday At Avila Beach and the Port San Luis Pier

Eager to get on the road after months of preparation, and not wanting to face Los Angeles traffic on a weekday, I left my Poway home early Sunday evening and began my journey north. I made my way as far as Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley before fatigue caught up with me. I … Read more

2012-02-16 Chula Vista Bayfront Park

I drove this Thursday morning to San Diego Bay at Chula Vista Bayfront Park. My favorite route to this destination is not direct. Rather, I take “F” street to Marina Parkway and stop where a natural channel connects a small wetland field to the bay. I’ve found this a good place to look for waterfowl … Read more

2013-01-22 Bayfront Park In Chula Vista

Chula Vista Bayfront Park is positioned between the Chula Vista Marina and San Diego Bay. I make a point of visiting this place whenever I’m on errands nearby, but it often warrants a visit on its own merits. Wintering along the bay shore may be Brant, Surf Scoters, grebes and other divers near the shore. … Read more

2017-02-10 Seafaring South

On the second day of our voyage the overcast and fog that met us at the start of our journey continued, making conditions for capturing images a challenge. For those friends reading these accounts I implore; please be patient. As the trip develops, the images will improve. As the day progressed, the fog lifted, and … Read more