2012-08-01 Lindo Lake Solitary Strike-Out

I’m always late to chase. I’d heard a Solitary Sandpiper was present at Lindo Lake, and though the reports were merely days old, it was clear to all present the bird had ‘flown the coop’. Guy McCaskie even showed up this Wednesday and made it official … announcing the bird was gone. Yet again this … Read more

2017-04-24 Agua Caliente Park

I spent the entire day yesterday at Agua Caliente Park in northeast Tucson. I visited this place in years past and found it to be very productive for getting bird pictures. I arrived early in the morning and found some birds very shy and difficult to photograph. But my luck changed after speaking with a … Read more

Vermilion Flycatcher

The Eastern Kingbird with its tuxedo attire is not unique in the flycatcher clan as a sharp dresser. The Vermilion Flycatcher holds its own when it comes to show business. The brilliance of the male’s blazing reddish-orange breast and crown, contrasted with the rich chocolate brown of its back, wings and tail make quite an impression. … Read more