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2018-12-22 Christmas Bird Count

One day a year I enjoy the mere act of counting birds. It’s not for ego. It’s not done to call attention to myself. It’s not for an ‘I got more than you’ motivation. It is the Christmas Bird Count, a citizen science endeavor, where the birding community pulls together to survey the birds present … Read more

2012 Poway Kites In April

The grasslands in Poway between Metate Road and the South Poway Industrial Park has in years past, been a good place to find White-Tailed Kites. Sadly, this is not the case anymore. There used to be a dead cottonwood tree near Metate and Carriage roads. Kites and other raptors loved perching on its upper branches … Read more

2013-05-17 Ramona Grasslands Again

This was my second visit in 2013 to the Ramona Grasslands.  My first visit was a month earlier, and there were several new players on the stage for this act. The new players must have been hiding backstage if they were present during my last attendance here. It was a Friday morning, and I felt it … Read more

2017-09-16 San Simeon and North

(as far north as I could go) I drove all day Friday. It was the longest day single day of driving for this entire trip (368 miles). I left early from my camp at Gray Lodge, had breakfast in Yuba City, then drove Highway 99 to Fresno where I got off on the 41. Further … Read more