2014 Early August At June Lakes and White Mountain

I went looking for Black-Backed Woodpeckers at a two or three-year-old burn along US Highway 395 a few miles north of June Lake Junction. While I failed in that endeavor, I found Williamson’s Sapsuckers and Lewis’ Woodpeckers instead. Also found here were Brewer’s Sparrows, Sage Thrasher (juvenile) and Green-Tailed Towhees. I had spent four wonderful … Read more

2014 Early August Around Mono Lake

During my stay with friends Carmine and Mark at June Lake California, I made several excursions in the surrounding area’s well known (and some not so well known) scenic attractions. Below are my recollections about the times I spent in the Mono Lake basin. The entire region is laced with evidence of a volcanic past. … Read more

2017-07-08 Woodpecker Chase

Saturday (7/8) I chased woodpeckers. My first stop was at Earthquake Fault just outside of downtown Mammoth. I’d been told I’d find Williamson’s Sapsuckers there, and I did. I also found Black-Backed Woodpeckers which I was supposed to find on my second stop at Inyo Craters. The birds at the fault were very high in … Read more

The Confusing Williamson’s Sapsucker

In 1852 John Cassin was given a bird specimen that was collected in California. He named it the Black-Breasted Woodpecker. Later the bird was renamed the Brown-Headed Woodpecker. We now know this was a female Williamson’s Sapsucker. Three years later a male that was collected in 1855 near Klamath Lake Oregon was named the Williamson’s woodpecker. … Read more

Red-Breasted Sapsucker

Sapsuckers are woodpeckers that cause great wounds on trees as they excavate rows and rows of small holes in tree bark where they feed on the sap that weeps into the holes. In North America there are four species of sapsuckers: Williamson’s, Red-Breasted, Red-Naped, and Yellow-Bellied. In 2005 I met Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers while travelling through … Read more

2015-05-19 Moose-Wilson Road Re-Visited

That I did not find the Black-Backed Woodpecker does not, in my mind constitute a failure. Those birds that I did find made this outing a success … glass half full. On this day the Williamson’s Sapsucker made a nice show for me. It was also on this day that I realized just how similar … Read more