2020 Texas Birds Annual Magazine

Cover - n/aI was honored to contribute to the 2020 Texas Birds Annual Magazine of the Texas Ornithological Society (TOS).

This spring, during my jaunt through Texas I was sharing my blogs with Texas birders. After settling into my Brownsville RV park at Breeze Lake, I was contacted with an email from editor Jack Eitniear. He explained he wanted to use my travelogue as an article in the Fall magazine for the Texas Ornithological Society, the premier birding organization in Texas. He said he found the perspective of a first-time visiting birder to Texas a unique story. I was surprised, intrigued and honored that such a prestigious organization might find my ramblings worthy of inclusion to their scholarly content. I inquired about how Mr. Eitniear envisioned the blogs could be presented suitably for his publication. We agreed I didn’t need to start from scratch, but by adding text to stitch the segments together, it would create a measure of continuity. 

I was given until July to complete my submission and I refined the stories, gathered suitable images, and wrote captions for the pictures. After revising several times, I could no longer stand to edit further. I wasn’t sure how the editing team would weave my accounts into their publication, but today I received copies, and I’m quite pleased with the work they did. 

I scanned the pages with my travelogue so I could share them in the gallery below. I recommend reading the entire 100 pages, not just for my article, but the rest of the worthy content.

The blogs I wrote during these travels can be mostly reviewed on This Page.

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