Trusting the Universe

There is no wrong course, except for no course. The fallout from selling the property has ramifications on the rest of my life. If I stay, I risk stagnation by getting into patterns that stifle my creativeness. That can be overcome with discipline, which is my problem anyway. When I get focused on a project, I can be efficient in my time management. When I let myself get down about not being able to get moving in any direction due to external forces, it can spill over to other potential creative avenues and I let it prevent me from giving over my energies to the creative process.

By putting up the property with both options available (sell one parcel and stay, or selling both and leave), I am willing to let the universe make the choice for me. Stay, and I’ll have to restructure my lifestyle to avoid the trappings of stagnation. Leave, and I must get used to a lifestyle without the security and comfort of a home base (at least for a time).

The properties have not yet been listed, but Monday the process will be closer to a commitment. My realtor has been exceptional so far. She’s presented issues and concerns I might have missed concerning potential pitfalls in the structure of the sale. We’ve had one face-to-face meeting and one over the phone to fine tune our sales strategy. We plan our third pow-wow Monday, and that should get us close to ready for the sale.