Update: Research Expedition – Revillagigedo

I am posting this information for Sula Vanderplank, who is organizing this expedition. She can be reached at sula.vanderplank@gmail.com and can field any questions. There was an announcement previously that I posted here about this trip. That earlier post can be reviewed <Here>. It sounded like so much fun I decided to sign up myself. The latest information I have is that there needs to be at least ONE MORE passenger for the trip to work. Hopefully, there is an adventurous soul reading this, who will sign on and put us over the top and we can all have an adventure of a lifetime!

February 9-23 (26), 2017 – limited load
Research and Ecology Expedition to Mexico’s mini-galapagos islands! – Three amazing islands (Clarion, Socorro and San Benedicto), 300 miles from the tip of the Baja California Peninsula.
Below follows a very approximate itinerary for each day of the trip (see last page). Note that for the island-bagger in you, we have some bonus island stops on our way south, to break up the long drive.
Dates: Feb 9th to 26th (or 23rd – you have the option to fly back from Los Cabos the morning of the 23rd, (at your own expense), skipping three days of solid travel against the current, which can be arduous.)

Activities available:
Research – if you have all the appropriate permits we welcome you to conduct your own research during the trip. We plan to compile data gathered during the trip on the travel days and generate a report of our findings.
Hiking – within the necessary timing of the arrivals and departures we will provide as many hiking opportunities as possible. Please plan to hike with at least one other person or bring your own satellite communication device such as a SPOT or Garmin text message communicator, or hand-held radio.
Whale-watching and birding – we anticipate excellent bird and whale-watching on this trip (especially around Roca Partida where we hope the hump-backs might be breeding).
Snorkeling – please note, due to some heavily shark infested waters, snorkeling will only be an option on certain days in certain locations (Socorro and Clarion Islands for example, but not Roca Partida)
Other – diving with compressed air is not an option on this trip. If you have special research requests please let me know as early as possible.
Costs: $5200 per person, based on two people sharing a cabin. To make the trip more comfortable, participants will be limited to 25 people. Price includes all meals, but does not include beer and soda. All passengers should buy a fishing permit (trolling on travel days). You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks. (Wine will be served with dinner on four nights only). Expected gratuity: 10-15% tip for your hard-working crew – you will see that they more than deserve it!
Please note: We leave early the morning of the 9th, if you are traveling any distance please plan to arrive the night of the 8th. The boat will leave at 8:30 am, with boarding at 7 am for orientation etc.
Getting you home: We recommend the fly-back option from Cabo San Lucas, since the last three days of travel against the current are often difficult conditions (high swells) but please note that this is an additional expense, and please make your own flight arrangements for the morning of the 23rd – we can get you to the airport.

Payment schedule:
All balances must be fully paid by December 15th 2016 (refunds will be dependent on finding a replacement traveler!)

APPROXIMATE AGENDA – Subject to change with weather conditions.
Feb 9th – board at 7 am (Fisherman’s Landing, San Diego)
Feb 10th – TRAVEL DAY
Feb 11th – Asunción and San Roque Islands (weather and time permitting)
Feb 12th – Arrive noon Magdalena Bay
Feb 13th – Santa Margarita Island
Feb 14th- TRAVEL DAY
Feb 15th – San Benedicto Island (all day)
Feb 16th – Socorro Island (Check in with Navy at 8 am)
Feb 17th – Socorro Island (all day)
Feb 18th- Morning on Socorro Island, then to Roca Partida (*we will not land or swim @ RP)
Feb 19th – 11 am arrival at Clarion (Check in with Navy)
Feb 20th – Clarion Island (all day)
Feb 21st – Clarion Island until 2 pm
Feb 22nd – TRAVEL DAY
Feb 23rd – Arrive Cabo San Lucas early am. Flights to San Diego.