Very Old Notes

These notes are from past incarnations of shadeTreeImaging. Mention of ‘batch’ keywords are no longer relevant, but the ‘species’ keywords still are.

04/23/2006: I’m back to scanning my slides. I’m still working my way through the “Flycatchers”. Today’s post is seven images of the Black Phoebe. The keyword for this set is “E6-Birds016“. Additionally, you could use the keyword “BlackPhoebe” and bring up 14 images of these birds.

04/16/2006: Today’s post is in homage of the White-crowned Sparrow. For the past five winters, I’ve been feeding these birds, a few dozen at a time. They show up in the fall and they leave in the spring. In my part of the world (San Diego County, California), we get mostly the Gambell’s race of this sparrow. Hence, spring sends them up to Alaska to make babies. When they arrive here in the fall, about half of them sport the ‘toned down’ head gear of the juveniles. Today I can see only one who did not have his bright breeding plumes, but I thought I could make out some sheathed feathers ready to unfold. I’m betting they’ll all be heading north within a few days. The Keyword for today’s post of eight images is “E6-Birds015“. You could also Search “WhiteCrownedSparrow” which will include images from Canada and Alaska.

04/08/2006: My next section of slides for scanning is “Flycatchers”. First in the sequence is the Ash-throated. 2003 was a banner year for these birds in San Diego County. During this time I was out getting pictures for the San Diego County Bird Atlas and it seemed everywhere I went, I was encountering this bird. I even got some while I was perched on my rooftop in my blind. There are nine images in this set. The keyword to bring up this set is “E6-Birds014“.

04/04/2006: Yesterday I spent a large part of the day hanging out inside a blind I put up on my roof. It was a sunny morning, but it clouded up by mid-day and it sprinkled a bit, but the birds were great. I knew it was going to be a good day when the first bird that posed for me was a Phainopepla. I had been hearing a Bullock’s Oriole in my trees the past few days, and I had hopes of capturing a few images of this gorgeous bird, and I was not to be disappointed. This past week or two I’ve had both White-crowned Sparrows and Black-headed Grosbeaks, and for a short time longer they’ll both be here (until the sparrows head to Alaska). My ‘usual suspects’ include Orange-crowned Warblers, House Finches and Mourning Doves. I resisted snapping images of the finches, but the warbler was too much to resist. My towhees (California & Spotted) have been singing for some time now, but they chose not to pose yesterday. Neither did the singing Wrentits and House Wrens. You can bring up 15 images from yesterday’s shoot by entering “D2X-20060403.Poway” into the Search field.

04/01/2006: I haven’t had as much time for photos lately as I wish I could devote. Last night I made a another attempt to whittle down the stack of slides in my collection. Today I finished up the “Finch” drawer. There are 14 images in this set. The keyword to bring up this set is “E6-Birds013“.

03/18/2006: Last Thursday I did manage to get my kayak and camera onto the waters out of Chula Vista Marina and onto the bay. I added Brant to the list of bird species now on the site (now at 263). There are also ducks and shorebirds in this set of 16 images (6 species). The key word to select this set is “D2X-20060316.SouthSanDiegoBay“.

03/14/2006: Its been hard to find time to get out taking photos lately. We’ve had some rains on my days off (I know we need it). I’ve added another mod to tweak the kayak and I hope to get it out on Thursday. Meantime, I’ve finished scanning the “Ducks, etc.” slides and Got them posted this evening. The Keyword to bring up this set is “E6-Birds012“. Type or paste this into the Search Field for my latest 18 images. BTW: At present there are 1790 images total on the site. and 262 bird species.

03/04/2006: I took the kayak to South San Diego Bay and captured Surf Scoters, Western Peeps, Eared and Horned Grebes. To view the images in this batch, enter “D2X-20060304.SouthSanDiegoBay” into the Search Field.

02/26/2006: Yesterday I managed to get my kayak into Miramar Lake. I’ve been making modifications to this ‘floating photo platform’ and I wanted to test out how well they were working and though this process is an ongoing one, I need to evaluate my successes and failures. Hopefully, my failures are temporary. There are only seven images (5 sp.) in this post. The Keyword is: “D2X-20060225.Miramar“.

02/18/2006: I had work that took me to Scottsdale, Arizona on the 16th and 17th and flying from San Diego is a miserable way to spend time … so I always choose to drive. There are a few spots that I enjoy visiting on the route that I use and I took advantage of the time to pay a quick visit to the Salton Sea NWR (no pictures) and to Cibola NWR. Cibola, at this time of the year has about 1200 Sandhill Cranes. These ‘grus’ don’t often come close enough to make interesting photos, but its always a treat to listen to their vocalizations. I like Cibola, and there are other things to see besides geese (Canada and Snow) and cranes. The geese have left, but there are still some nice birds. There are 19 images of 13 species in this set. The keyword is “D2x-20060217-CibolaNWR“.

02/09/2006: I’m scanning through the slides from the ‘file’ drawers and I have some doves, cranes and cuckoos. Nine images are in this set, and the keyword is “E6-Birds011“.

02/05/2006: Corvids! I scanned 8 more slides and posted them today. The keyword for the batch is “E6-Birds010“. Included in this set are three images of a Western Scrub-Jay with a very serious molt in progress.

02/02/2006: Its been a LOOOONG time since I got out shooting. I’ve made some recent modifications to my Kayak (motor placement) which I’ve been using as a photo platform. I took it down to the lagoon at the mouth of the San Digito River to give it a ‘real world’ test. I don’t think all the shots I took are ready to take first prize, but there are a couple of decent ones. The “Short-billed Dowitcher” deserves some scrutiny by eyes trained better than mine. It may well be a male Long-bill. The keyword for this batch is “D2x-SanDigitoRiver“.

02/01/2006: Ten more slide scans up this morning. The Blue Grosbeak could have gone nicely with the last set. A couple of more birds from my place and some from the desert and one from Tucson. The set’s keyword is “E6-Birds009“.

Funny, you don’t LOOK Blueish!

01/31/2006: The next four scans I came across on my plan-to-scan reminded me of the line from the 1968 animated film by the Beetles. The Batch-ID for these is “E6-Birds008“.

01/29/2006: Nine new image scans today. The Batch-ID is “E6-Birds007“. Most pleasing to me in this set is the Red-shouldered Hawk. Also included are 3 Fox Sparrow images from birds that I was getting at my feeders at the time; a decent image of a Warbling Vireo; a couple of Redheads that later proved to be the only documented breeders in San Diego County in recent times; and a Peregrine Falcon whom I met after meeting her ‘human’.

01/27/2006: I’ve scanned and posted 21 new images. The keyword to bring up this set is “E6-Birds006“. Flycatchers and Finches dominate this set, with a sprinkling of other species. There is a ‘so-so’ picture of a Martial Eagle that I took 10 years ago when I was visiting South Africa. My equipment at the time was mediocre. I wish I’d of had a better lens at the time.

01/23/2006: This batch (Keyword: “E6-Birds005“) of 13 images is dominated by herons & hummers. In this set, there is a sequence of an Anna’s Hummingbird nest that I took before I knew very much about birds. This good mom fledged both chicks. I’ve since learned that hummingbirds have an incredibly low nest success rate. Depending on the species and the region, 50% to 90% of the nests fail to fledge the young.

01/22/2006: I loaded 15 more scans. The set (Keyword: “E6-Birds004“) includes Grosbeaks, Tanagers, Grebes, Gnatcatchers, Bushtits, a Hawk, a Verdin, and a Chickadee.

01/21/2006: 12 more slide scans posted. The Batch ID is “E6-Birds003“. I’m afraid there’s a chaotic system to the way I’m putting up these images. It has to do with the way I had some of these slides sorted for a project I was working towards way back when. When I finish up these, I’ll be able to get a more organized sequence. Until then …

01/16/2006: I’ve posted 14 more images of Geese, Finches and Dove/Pigeons. The keyword for this set is “E6-Birds002“. Today’s count is 1630 images on the site with 347 catagories, of which are 254 bird species.

01/14/2006: I finally got into some scanning. If I keep the batches to about 20 scans, I’ll have a manageable job. The keyword that will bring up this set (18 images of 14 species) is “E6-Birds001“. Icterids and Owls dominate this set, though there are a few others sprinkled in.

01/08/06: My post on 12/31/05 pretty well caught me up on my digital camera posts. I’m making a start on my film based images. Scanning my images will require some patience, some practice, and some time. I do have some files from scans I’ve done in the past. Today’s post is from a set of images that I submitted for publication in the “San Diego County Bird Atlas” (ISBN: 093479721-8). Most of today’s submission are inside its pages and one is on the back cover. My experience working with Phil Unitt on this book was immeasurably valuable to me. There are 51 images in this set. The keyword “BirdAtlas” will offer them up. Some of the images are not my ‘pride and joy’, but some are. I hope you like them.

01/02/06: I added a little story about my experiences on Santa Rosa Mountain, along with a little history. See the “Stories” link above.

12/31/05: I’ve uploaded 30 images from Socorro and Albuquerque, New Mexico. To select this batch, enter “D1x-20050218.009” into the Search Field. My friend Jerry Goffe, who is the Photographer’s liaison at Bosque Del Apache, wasn’t able to join me at the Bosque during my stay (work obligations). I decided to drive to Albuquerque to meet him there. When I told him of my intentions, he asked, “Do you like American Wigeons?” … sure! He directed me to a location in Socorro where I could find them. When I did get to Albuquerque, he was still tied up, so he asked “Do you like Wood Ducks?” … sure! He directed me to the local zoo where there was a pond that attracted a variety of wild waterfowl, including Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers. I was well aware of the stunning beauty of the Wood Duck males, but the Hooded Merganser took me by surprise. What an incredible bird! The approach to the pond took me past a few other splendid birds, and though captive birds generally don’t get my juices flowing, I couldn’t help but snap a few of the zoo’s “guests”.

12/17/05: For me, a visit to Bosque del Apache is like a pilgrimage, an excuse to take way too many pictures, and in the winter, a guarantee to be overwhelmed by massive quantities (sorry conehead fans). While the Bosque is also interesting in other seasons, winter is when it is most impressive. One will likely see raptors, waterfowl, and gamebirds. Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes are present in huge numbers from late fall to early spring. I’ve posted a batch of 44 images from last February (2005). To view this set, enter or paste “D1x-20050217.Bosque” into the Search Field. While I hope you will enjoy these images, I know there is no way to communicated the experience of BEING there. The sounds alone are worth the trip.

12/11/05 (again): Bushtits are a joy year round at my place. Their social nature, their penduline acrobatics, and their peeping chorus … all serve to endear them to me. Up close, they look rather fierce, but I’ve never seen any behavior that would warrant this conclusion. They are often bold and almost always ignore my presence when foraging near me. This batch of 14 images are from my yard and from some other ‘favorite’ birding locations around San Diego. To select this group, enter “D1x-20050130” into the search field. Included with the afore mentioned Bushtit (and there are more images of them on the site), are waterfowl, shorebirds, an egret, a gull, a warbler and a sparrow. (Next lot will be another from Bosque del Apache, NM.)

12/11/05: Miramar Lake, 3 miles from my house, is very special to me. My great-grandfather homesteaded the land that is now under its waters. My grandfather was born there in 1889. I’ve used its waters to test out the modifications I’ve made to my kayak that allow me to photograph from it. (Maybe someday I’ll put up a picture of it and its modifications.) The 18 images I’ve uploaded in the most recent set are from its waters and its margins. To view this set of images, enter “D1x-20050115” into the Search Field. Waterfowl are the flavor of the day.

On 12/10/05 I uploaded 24 images from a trip I took a year ago to Imperial Valley and the Lower Colorado River. To select these pictures, enter “D1x-20041222” to the search field. There are geese, shrike, gnatcatchers, snipe, yellowlegs, pipits, grebes and gulls in this set.

On 12/04/05 I loaded 15 images that I got on one of my excursions to the Salton Sea area. I got my RWBB female in the pose requested for “Western Birds”, but I also got a few of her neighbors. To see the set, enter “D1x-20041018” into the Search field. This set includes Egrets (3 species), Phalaropes, Kingfisher & Pheasant. The Red-neck Phalaropes that I shot here ‘may’ have been among some of those that I shot later this spring in the Yukon. Later I loaded 13 shots from around San Diego County that I took about the end of last October. To select this set, enter “D1x-20041029” to the Search field. Featured are Great & Snowy Egrets, Green & Little Blue Herons, and Western Bluebirds.

On 12/03/05 I loaded 19 images. To see the set, enter “D1x-20041014” into the Search field. During this time I was out to get a photo of a female Red-winged Blackbird for “Western Birds” (Vol. 35, No. 4, 2004). I eventually got the pictures I wanted at the Salton Sea, but I visited several dairies in my hunt. (Ah, I can still remember the aroma!). This set includes Phoebes, Starlings, Cowbirds (odd molt), Sandpipers, Pelicans (group feeding), Dowitchers, a Bushtit and a Rockwren.

On 11/30/05 I uploaded 12 images from local areas that I took about a year ago (October 2004). Search keyword “D1x-20041008” to isolate these pictures. I kinda like the Sora and the the CommonYellowThroat shots. The Sora treated me to quite a show that afternoon.

On 11/26/05 I uploaded 55 images from a trip I took to South East Arizona in September, 2004. Enter “D1X-20040906.Arizona” into the Search Field to see those images.

On 11/24/05 I got out shooting after a long pause. I broke my left arm 3 1/2 weeks ago and started an 8 week stint in a cast <sigh>. It was good to get out shooting again. I visited the back country of San Diego and the Salton Sea. Today (11/25/05) I loaded some of the images. Look for “D2x-20051124” to see what I got. You can “Cut-and-Paste” the keys into the search field. I’m still working to add the rest of my old D1x images … there are still quite a few to process. My old backlog of film will follow, but it might be a while before I get started on those.

On 11/02/05 I uploaded over 300 more images. There are almost 1,400 images now on the site!

Site launch was on Friday, October 28, 2005, (EVERYTHING was new!)


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