When You Come To The Fork In The Road …

Take it!

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was a special kind of genius. His colorful sayings may have confused us, but he was not confused. His way of looking at the world was unique. The subject quoted above is no exception. It’s meaning baffled me until I heard an interview of his good friend Joe Garagiola. Joe explained that the quote came from when Yogi would give instructions for finding his home. The route to his home featured a split in the road where both tracks merged back to a common path. It mattered not which fork in the road you took, as long as you continued on, you’d reach your destination.

I think this is good advice in life. When you find an opportunity to grow, TAKE IT! Recognising what is an opportunity is key, but stopping your progress and going nowhere is a pitfall sure to stagnate and prevent growth. I have been lucky in my life that way. While not every fork in the road was without its potholes and ruts, eventually I’ve been able to steer back onto the good roads, where the scenery is good.

May your road be one of growth.